Sunday, 12 October 2008

The week that was

So I was back at the Christie on Monday to see Professor Brabant, my endocrinologist.
It wasn't really a biggy, I just felt that the pressure was on because I arrived ten minutes late and had The Pickle with me. She was good as gold and all the nurses made a big fuss of her, she got given crackers and orange juice. The prof asked me how I was getting on so I had to tell him that I'd stopped taking the testogel because I couldn't afford it(with three or four treatments on a prescription the cost adds up) and he explained that testosterone not only effects the libido, but it also fiddles about with red blood cells and bone growth and production,so if I've read that right I could be short of breath and at risk of brittle bones! Scary! Anyway, he mentioned an injection that I could get that would last three months at a time, so I'm kind of leaning towards that. Then I had to go and get my bloods done and I swear the nurse used a knitting needle on me! I'm no cissy and I've seen plenty of pricks over the last two years(more of which later)but My God! I thought she was bloody swinging from it at one point like a gymnast at the Olympics! I put on my "I'm really brave...look at me I can take it " face but I'm sure it brought a little tear to my eyes! So after that little escapade I couldn't wait to jump back in the car and beggar of home. We'd been waiting for hours and anyone who's spent time with any four year old will know that feels like an eternity!
Then on Tuesday, I was flicking through my Yahoo mail when I noticed that an old mate had sent me a message through Facebook.It seems that the company that I used to work for before my bollock dropped of had been bought out by a rival, which was interesting. I had a quick snoop around the net but couldn't find anything in any of the local business pages, so made a mental note to pop in on Friday on my way back from the Christie (again) after my four monthly check up.
The next item of note was on Thursday, when I was volunteering in the I.T. department at Chaddy Court. I'd been working on a list of practical uses to teach the students how to use computers and to show people that there was more to it than just the net. So I set up two of my students with web mail accounts and even though it was just mucking around for me, when I showed them the type of thing that could be done they were both kind of awestruck, which gave me a really good buzz! So now that I know that it works, I need to knuckle down a bit and really work out some kind of structure to the lessons instead of doing it all on the fly! In the evening, we were free so we went out for something to eat after a bit of shopping. The Kentucky was shut for a refurb so we went to The Pizza Hut. We started of with a salad bowl which was really nice, then we shared a tasting platter of ciabatta,chicken strips and mozzarella with a Stilton dip which was mouthwatering, I could have ate that as a main in itself but when the pizza itself turned up, disaster! The base wasn't cooked and was very doughy and I thought the Mrs would kick off but no, "This is great," she said,"it means we don't have to pay for it!" and with that she took herself off to the till to get it taken off the bill. I squirmed inside and decided to wait in the car. Still, she came out smiling and as of yet, I've not heard any reports of anyone being assaulted with a pizza cutter!
Then on Friday it was back to the Christie and more harpoon practice and a quick fumbling off one of the doctors. It wasn't even the good looking one but I'm over the embarrassment factor of it all now and after a quick chat and a chest x-ray later, I was on my way. I did pop into the old fun factory and it was good to see the old faces (and some new ones)but more of that as and when it develops!

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