Wednesday, 12 August 2009

FW: hospital food2

-original message-
Subject: hospital food2
Date: 12/08/2009 10:00 am

I think I've sussed it out, either my emails aren't getting through, or none of you callous bastards give a tu'penny fuck about me! But in the spirit of the radio operator from the titanic, I shall persevere, no matter how pointless it all seems! I'd like everyone to either revisit or open new twitter accounts and search for me(or digimac_uk) and just post some nonsense to keep me entertained. Mr K, my surgeon is up for it and has said he'll be tweeting from inside my lung from about two onwards, sooner if the old dear he's working on before me pegs out. So it's over to you lot, please, don't leave me feeling deflated on this one!

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