Sunday, 28 March 2010

I want to win my wife back!

So we have been apart for a few months now,I've been at the house that we own together and she's been at the rented house that is paid for by her volunteering charity work and I've come to a conclusion. We work better when we are together.I used to think that she was a big bully but I've come to realize that she has only ever had my best interest at heart.When my cancer kicked in I thought I was going to die.I couldn't see any further than a pine box. Game Over! You Lose! Now, it's apparent that I've been a selfish prick.Hey, guess what... I'm still in the game.I want her back so much and I think, or I know, that she still wants me, in some way, to be a part of her life.
I can't do the things that she does, the spending a lot of her time helping the window licker's like she does but she has hit home recently with a few home truths.I'm insecure. Well I wouldn't argue with that.I can't make decisions, yeah that hits the bullseye, I smell, well, a bit more personal than I would have liked but again, no protests from me.Anyway, I'm a bit drunk now, so I'll carry this on tomorrow.

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Anonymous said...

Jock, this is your future speaking...okay you've been dealt a real shit hand, that alone would have finished most people off, but not you, good old Jock is still with us, so heres some advice, stop getting pissed, stop feeling sorry for yourself, grow some bollocks ( no pun intended )and get your missus back, be a man, tell her how you feel and put your fucking foot down for once in your life.If tghat fails, theres always the chloroform face mask......xxxxx

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